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  1. Netflix Twists Anne of Green Gables into a 'Queer Soirée' With 5 LGBT Characters

    The new Netflix adaptation of the 1908 novel Anne of Green Gables has been revised to include multiple homosexual characters, according to the series creator, Moira Walley-Beckett.
  2. Scholar Says Pedophilia is 'An Unchangeable Sexual Orientation' and Should Be Accepted By Society

    The online community erupted in outrage after a German medical student gave a TedxTalk arguing that pedophilia is an "unchangeable sexual orientation" just like heterosexuality and that society should become more accepting of pedophiles.
  3. California Decides to 'Bully and Persecute' Christian Baker Despite Her Court Victory

    California Christian baker Cathy Miller thought her legal nightmare had ended when a judge ruled that she had the right to not make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple – but it appears she was wrong.
  4. Mom Gives Birth in Chick-fil-A: This Entire Story Is Epic, and Chick-fil-A's Response Is Incredible

    A Texas family loaded up their car and headed to the hospital to welcome their newest family member in the world, but ended up welcoming her early during a pit-stop at Chick-fil-A.  
  5. Hamas Accepts Cease-Fire After Massive Israeli Gaza Strikes

    Gaza’s militant Hamas rulers said Saturday they had accepted a cease-fire ending a massive Israeli onslaught on militant positions after a soldier was shot dead, once again pulling the sides back from the brink of a full-fledged war.
  6. Indiana Family, Missouri Couple Among Duck Boat Victims

    More than half of the 17 people killed when a tourist boat sank on a Branson lake were members of the same Indiana family, and they likely would not have been on the ill-fated trip but for a ticket mix-up.
  7. Trying to Lose Weight? You're Not Alone With Church-Based Diet Program

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a report showing almost half of Americans (49.1 percent) are trying to lose weight.
  8. Revelations of US Cardinal Sex Abuse Will Force Pope’s Hand

    Revelations that one of the most respected U.S. cardinals allegedly sexually abused both boys and adult seminarians have raised questions about who in the Catholic Church hierarchy knew — and what Pope Francis is going to do about it.
  9. Pompeo: 'We're Eyes Wide Open About Russia's Efforts to Undermine Western Democracy'

    In an interview with CBN News, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the United States will not agree to Vladimir Putin's request for certain American citizens to be interrogated by Russian officials in exchange for help with the 12 Russians who were indicted for election hacking.
  10. Designer Babies in Europe's Future? UK Ethics Council Says 'No Reason to Rule It Out' 

    A new report from Europe appears to be opening the door for so-called designer babies. It encourages altering DNA in babies to give them what their parents deem the best chance in life.
  11. 'This is Not Mythology': Archaeologists Dig Up the Bible at Ancient City of Shiloh

    'Digging into the Bible' at ancient Shiloh can be a life-changing experience.
  12. Actor Chris Pratt Shares God-Filled Moment With His Son — He’s Raising Him Right

    Amid all the self-aggrandizement of celebrity Instagram accounts, a few gems lie within the sprawling social media matrix. One of these treasures comes in the form of actor Chris Pratt.
  13. Why Ingrained UN Bias Against Israel May Be Crumbling

    Thanks in large part to President Trump and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, the longstanding and ingrained bias by UN member nations toward Israel may be crumbling.
  14. Katy Perry Says Mom Prays For Her to Come Back to God, but She Says 'I Never Left'

    Pop star Katy Perry opened up about her faith, seeking God, and meeting Pope Francis in a recent interview with Vogue Australia.
  15. Is God Bringing a Great Awakening to America?

    CBN News Showcase highlights important news stories of the week, stories of faith and what God is doing in the world. It's also an opportunity for you to join our anchors in praying over the headlines and interceding for our nation and the world.
  16. Israel's Aquarius Engine: The Wave of the Future?

    Imagine an engine that produces more power with less energy. That's the revolutionary concept behind a new engine conceived and built in Israel.
  17. No More He and She, Now It's 'Ze': UMinn's Shocking Gender Agenda

    Use the wrong gender pronoun when addressing students or faculty at the University of Minnesota, and it could land you in hot water...
  18. DoD Provides $200 Million in Security Cooperation Funds to Ukraine

    The Pentagon says it will provide $200 million in additional training, equipment and advisory assistance to Ukraine's military
  19. Faith-Based Group Races to Reunify Border Families While This Big Question Looms

    As the federal government rushes to meet a court-imposed reunification deadline for families separated by the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy, humanitarian groups worry about what's next for parents and children.
  20. Suicide Prevention Helpline 'Is Like a Busy Emergency Room' after Calls Double

    The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline says its calls doubled from 2014 to 2017, revealing just how prevalent suicide has become.