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  1. Palestinians Give '1,000' No's to 'Deal of the Century', but These Arab Countries Are Hopeful

    Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has outright rejected President Donald Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian “Deal of the Century,” instead calling it “the slap of the century.”
  2. Middle East Expert Joel Rosenberg on President Trump’s Peace Plan

    Middle East Expert and Best Selling Author Joel Rosenberg spoke with CBN News about President Trump’s historic peace plan unveiled at the White House on Tuesday.
  3. 'I Felt Extremely Blessed by the God-Given Talent': New Stories of Kobe Bryant's Faith Emerge

    More stories about Kobe Bryant's faith are coming out in the aftermath of the tragic helicopter accident that killed him, his daughter, and seven other passengers in California last weekend.
  4. Trump's Legal Team Rests Their Case, but McConnell Warns of a Mutiny Over Witnesses – Now What?

    President Donald Trump's legal team wrapped up their defense, but a new twist means the trial may be far from over.  
  5. Willow Creek Announces Abuse Allegations Against Church Co-Founder

    Willow Creek Community Church co-founder Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian is believed to have "engaged in inappropriate behavior" according to an email sent to all the church staff by acting Senior Pastor Steve Gillen.
  6. West Virginia Governor Invites Disgruntled Virginia Counties to Secede to the Mountain State

    In a proposal the Richmond Times-Dispatch has dubbed "Vexit," West Virginia's Republican Governor Jim Justice invited Virginia counties upset over the liberal government in their state capital to secede to West Virginia.
  7. 'My God is with Me 24/7': Demi Lovato Reveals How Relationship with God Has Helped Her Overcome Challenges

    Singer Demi Lovato recently shared that her relationship with God has allowed her to overcome personal challenges, including a near-fatal drug overdose.
  8. 200 Americans Evacuate as Chinese Coronavirus Cases Jump to 5,974, Surpassing SARS Outbreak

    The coronavirus outbreak in China has reached a dangerous milestone, surpassing the SARS outbreak that worried the world two decades ago. With more cases being confirmed every day, the new virus has now infected at least 5,974 people compared to the 5,327 SARS victims in China in 2002-2003.  
  9. Captive Nigerian Girl's Family Responds to Reports She Gave Birth to Boko Haram Commander's Son

    The family of a Christian teenager, who was abducted by Boko Haram terrorists in 2018, is speaking out after media reports broke over the weekend claimed she had a baby boy while in captivity. 
  10. #GirlDad Goes Viral After ESPN Anchor Pays Tribute to Kobe Bryant

    The tragic loss of Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna have inspired so many tributes through kind words and heartfelt messages.
  11. NYT Mocks Christians Who 'Just Trust God' with Health Care Sharing – Here's the Truth

    A recent New York Times story by Reed Abelson about health care sharing organizations used Samaritan Ministries International members Mark and Caroline Collie for the opening of the piece. It had a catchy headline: "It Looks Like Health Insurance, but It's Not. 'Just Trust God,' Buyers Are Told." Unfortunately, the article misrepresented both the Collies' story and Samaritan Ministries, and both the Collies and Samaritan Ministries have requested a correction.
  12. Commercial Featuring Abortion Survivors Blocked from Super Bowl, Group Claims

    The founder of a nascent pro-life advocacy group has been working since last summer to get a Super Bowl ad approved to run on Fox Sports during the February game. But with less than a week until kickoff, Lyric Gillett is accusing the network of censoring her commercial.
  13. New ISIS Leader Declares War on Israel: 'Attack the Jews and Slaughter Them'

    ISIS announced that it has a new leader and a new mission: to kill the Jews.
  14. Trump's 'Deal of the Century': Here's a Map of What the 'State of Palestine' Could Look Like

    President Donald Trump released his long-awaited Israeli-Palestinian peace plan on Tuesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his side.
  15. 'God Is Great': Kobe Bryant's 2006 Interview with Stephen A. Smith Provides Glimpse Into Faith

    In 2006 interview with Stephen A. Smith asked Kobe Bryant what he learned after what was likely one of the lowest times in his life and career. The NBA legend replied with three words: “God is great.”
  16. Kim Kardashian West Shares Video of 2-Year-Old Daughter Singing 'Jesus I Love You'

    Kanye and Kim Kardashian West aren't the only talented performers in their family. The couple's youngest daughter Chicago was recently recorded singing and praising her love for Jesus. 
  17. Caribbean Dodges Dangerous Quake, but Puerto Rico Still Suffering with 240K Students Out of School

    People in the Caribbean are breathing a sigh of relief after a large earthquake shook the region Tuesday afternoon but did little damage.
  18. Report: Palestinian Anti-Semitism, Largely Unchecked, Among the World’s Worst

    Anti-Semitism among Palestinians is among the worst in the world according to a report released in conjunction with International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Yet, world leaders have done little to challenge it.
  19. Elizabeth Warren Opposes Tax Credits for Donations to Schools With Christian Views of Sexuality

    Senator Elizabeth Warren has weighed in against any tax dollars going to private schools, especially if they have a biblically-based view of sexuality.
  20. SURVEY: Most Churches Have Security in Place but Divided on Members with Guns

    After several church shootings over the past few years, most Protestant pastors say their congregations have taken precautions to protect their members during worship services