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  1. 'Lord, Uphold Him. Protect Him From Evil': CBN's Pat Robertson Prays for Brazilian President Bolsonaro at Meeting with Evangelical Leaders

    More than a dozen Evangelical Christian leaders met with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Tuesday for an intimate conversation on his nation's future.   
  2. CBN News Travels to Middle East with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Kuwait Tuesday evening on the first leg of a Middle East tour. CBN News is covering the trip up close and personal. Our Chief Political Analyst David Brody is traveling with the secretary and he'll be sitting down with Mr. Pompeo for an interview while in Israel.
  3. Facebook Exec Nona Jones Teaches Churches the Art of 'Digital Discipleship'

    Facebook executive, Nona Jones, teaches churches how to maximize their use of Facebook to connect with their congregations.
  4. Christian Bed and Breakfast Owner Forced to Serve LGBT Couples After Supreme Court Rejects Appeal

    The US Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from a Christian bed and breakfast owner who was ordered by a lower court to serve a lesbian couple despite it being a violation of her religious beliefs. 
  5. Nigerian Christians Under Siege: Attacks Claim 120 Lives Since February 

    At least 120 people have been killed in attacks reportedly committed by the Fulani militia against Christian communities in Nigeria since February, according to the Christian Solidarity Worldwide.
  6. More Than 1,000 Feared Dead: Cyclone Idai Could be Deadliest Storm to Ever Strike Mozambique 

    More than 1,000 people are feared dead after Cyclone Idai slammed into Mozambique four days ago.  
  7. High-Profile Prosecutor Leaves Robert Mueller's Office, Another Sign Investigation is Winding Down?

    A high-profile counter-terrorism prosecutor has departed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office, according to Yahoo News.  It may be another sign the investigation is winding down.
  8. Yoga, Meditation on the Rise: One Will 'Open You to Demonic Power,' the Other Is Essential Christianity

    More Americans are looking for a little peace of mind in an increasingly frenzied and stressful world. A recent report by the National Center for Health Statistics reveals the use of meditation and yoga have been on the rise in the US since 2012. But most people do not know which forms of meditation are actually found in the Bible. And some churches claim to have converted yoga into a Christian exercise. But is that really possible?
  9. New Study Links Sugary Beverages With Increased Risk of Early Death

    Drinking sugary drinks increases your chances of dying - especially from heart disease, according to a long-term study of men and women in the US. 
  10. Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability Suspends Harvest Bible Chapel

    The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability has suspended Harvest Bible Chapel after the firing of longtime Pastor James MacDonald. He was fired over character issues, church finances, and "highly inappropriate" recorded comments after serving as senior pastor of the Chicago-area megachurch for more than 30 years.     
  11. Homeless 8-Year-Old Nigerian Christian Refugee Becomes NY State Chess Champ

    An eight-year-old Nigerian Christian refugee who fled Boko Haram is now the New York State chess champion for his age bracket. 
  12. 'It's Just Unbelievable': VP Pence Assesses Flood Damage, 'Entire Eastern Half' of Nebraska Devastated

    For Americans living in parts of the Midwest, heavy winter snows have been followed by a major late winter storm and rising temperatures that unleashed a disaster with historic floodwaters.  
  13. California Congressman Sues Twitter for $250M over 'Shadow Bans' on Conservatives

    US Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) filed a lawsuit seeking $250 million in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages against Twitter and some of its users on Monday.
  14. 6 Christians Murdered, 470 More Flee Muslim Militia Attack in the Congo

    Open Doors USA reports six Christians, including three women and a nine-year-old child, were killed in an attack on the Christian village of Kalau located near the city of Beni in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  15. Tornado Rips Roof from Church as 40 Kids Miraculously Shielded While Singing 'Jesus Loves Me'

    A miracle story is emerging after a tornado struck Paducah, KY last week, devastating a church building where 40 preschool kids and 10 church staff were going about their day.
  16. Former 'Prince of ISIS' Turns to Christ After a God Dream: 'I Saw a Love That Didn't Exist in Islam'

    A "Prince of ISIS" has done what many would consider unthinkable, making a commitment to turn away from his horrifying past to unite with a new way of life through Jesus.
  17. 'You Did What?' CA School Conceals Drag-Queen Makeup Day Leaving Parents Bewildered

    Parents across Santa Ana, California were recently stunned with the answer their middle-school aged children gave when asked about their day.
  18. 'We're Raising Her as a Girl': Falwells' Remarks About Granddaughter Spark Liberty LGBT Protest

    Some pro-LGBT Liberty University students protested on campus recently after the university's president and his wife said their granddaughter will be raised according to her God-given gender.