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  1. Hollywood Actress Whose Property Was Miraculously Saved from Deadly Fire Says God Bringing Revival to CA

    Brenda Epperson, who once starred in the daytime drama The Young and The Restless, not only survived California's deadly wildfires but says God miraculously protected her property. She tells CBN why she believes God is bringing revival to California in the midst of tragedy. 
  2. California Professor Fired for Challenging Student's Beliefs About Sexuality is Reinstated

    A college professor fired for discussing conservative views in his sociology class has been reinstated.
  3. NorCal Fire Death Toll Climbs to 63, Fears Escalate as 631 Declared Missing

    The death toll in the aftermath of the Camp fire continues to grow as authorities search burned-out areas for any remains. The fire has displaced 52,000 people, many who are camping out in the area.
  4. At Least 7 Killed as Powerful Snowstorm Blasts Across Huge Swath of US

    The first snowstorm of the season to hit the New York City area brought several inches of snow, slowing Thursday's evening commute to a crawl, after contributing to at least seven deaths as it swept across the country.
  5. Judge Rules White House Must Immediately Return Press Credentials of CNN's Jim Acosta

    A federal judge in Washington is ordering the Trump administration to immediately return the White House press credentials of CNN reporter Jim Acosta.  
  6. Florida Now Recounting Ballots by Hand in Senate Race Dispute, and It May Not Take Long

    The troubled attempt at a machine recount showed Republican Gov. Rick Scott leading Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson by less than 13,000 votes out of roughly 8 million votes cast statewide.
  7. 'God Is So Great': Bible Helps Indonesian Teenager Survive 49 Days at Sea

    In the middle of a summer storm at sea, heavy winds snapped the moorings of Aldi Adilang's fishing raft. On that late July night, he was suddenly swept into the Pacific Ocean...
  8. Evangelical Christians Praying to Dodge a Serious Threat in Bulgaria

    "In my opinion right now the church in Bulgaria is more united than ever before."
  9. Looking to Be 'More Than Funny': The Revelation that Changed Everything for Comedian Michael Jr.

    Comedian Michael Jr. commands laughs every time he takes the stage. But laughs are not nearly enough for the stand-up star. He is looking to be "more than funny." The husband and father changed his approach to his craft about nine years, following one of his routine performances.
  10. Caravan Reaches Border as Hundreds Begin Effort to Enter US

    Hundreds of asylum seekers have finished their nearly month-long trek through Central America and are now arriving at the southern border of the United States.
  11. Democrats Aim a 'Subpoena Cannon' at Trump: Did American Voters Just Unleash 85 Anti-Trump Investigations?

    A massive legal battle is brewing in Washington. When Democrats take control of the House in January, they say they won't waste any time launching investigations into President Trump and his administration.
  12. ‘We Were Totally Unscathed’: Pastor Recalls Miraculous Wildfire Survival Despite Church Group Being Surrounded By Raging Inferno

    A Northern California pastor has recalled the dramatic moments he and a small group of his church members made a miraculous escape from the raging inferno that has gripped huge swathes of the West Coast state.
  13. 'This Is America. This Is Good': Encounter Between Political Rivals Cruz and O'Rourke Proves Civility Not Dead

    One would think that on the heels of an especially contentious midterm election, civility between former political rivals would be, at best, a pipe dream. However, a recent chance encounter between Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and Democratic US Rep. Beto O'Rourke proved there may be hope for America yet.
  14. 'Redemption at Heart of the American Idea': President Trump, Kelley Paul, Paula White Champion New Prison Reform

    After months of back and forth, President Donald Trump is lending his support to major legislation aimed at giving prison inmates a second chance. And he's not the only one on board.
  15. 'Please God. Please God': At Least 56 Dead, Many Missing, Actress Prays Psalm 91

    California's governor is calling on the National Guard to help search for victims of the deadly wildfires that are ravaging regions across the state. At least 56 people have died in the flames.
  16. 'I Kept on Praying to Jesus:' Disabled Woman's Harrowing Story of Being Held Captive 10 Years in Philly Basement

    Seven years ago, police in Philadelphia discovered four developmentally disabled adults locked away in a dark and dirty basement in the Tacony section of the city.  Tamara Breeden, 36, and three others were abused by a woman named Linda Westin and two men in a scam to steal their disability checks.
  17. Incoming Democratic Congress Has Hobby Lobby in Their Sights, Hoping to Force Abortion Funding

    Having just won back control of the House in this year's midterm elections, Democrats now have their sights set on an issue near and dear to people of faith: the sanctity of life.
  18. 'Flashing Red Light': America at Risk of Losing Next Big War, Report Reveals Fatal Flaws for US Military

    President Donald Trump set records by approving a $716 billion Defense budget this year, but a new report to Congress is sounding the alarm that the US is losing its military edge.
  19. 'Engaging in Our Culture Should Be Part of Who We Are': Inside the Ministry That's Battling for America's Soul

    As a battle wages for the soul of America, the D. James Kennedy Center for Statesmanship is working to prepare Christians to serve as public policy shapers and decision makers.
  20. Is Yoga Evil? See Why One Megachurch Pastor Says It's 'Diametrically Opposed to Christianity'

    Missouri-based megachurch pastor John Lindell reopened the yoga debate among Christians after telling his 10,000 member congregation that practicing yoga "at any level" is "opening your life, your home, your situation to the demonic."