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  1. 25,000 People Swamp ABC with Complaints After Joy Behar Bashes Christianity, Franklin Graham Weighs In

    The comment made on ABC's "The View" by host Joy Behar referring to Vice President Mike Pence's Christianity is well known by now – and it turns out at least 25,000 people were so outraged they even called ABC about it.
  2. One Host on ABC's The View: 'I Would Like to Apologize' to Mike Pence

    So far, Meghan McCain is the only host of the "The View" to offer an apology to Mike Pence for comments made on the program comparing his faith to mental illness.
  3. CBN Founder Pat Robertson Comes Out for 'Sensible' Gun Control

    In the aftermath of the recent American massacre at a high school in Parkland, Florida, CBN Founder Pat Robertson is coming out in favor of "sensible" gun control measures.
  4. 'Mom, I'm ISIS': Meet the Generation Brainwashed by ISIS and the Woman Trying to Save Them

    An entire generation of children in the Middle East has grown up under ISIS and has adopted its mantra of hatred. Some children harbor such rage, they could kill others who they view as their enemies, unless there is immediate intervention to reverse the brainwashing they've endured.
  5. Medal of Valor Awarded to 12 “Heroes”

    President Donald Trump awarded the Medal of Valor to a dozen people including police officers, sheriff deputies, firefighters and rescue personnel. 
  6. Vice President Pence & Super Bowl Champ Nick Foles Read the Bible Every Day - Do You?

    Two high profile public figures recently spoke openly about reading the Bible: Super Bowl-winning quarterback Nick Foles and Vice President Mike Pence. Do Americans overall read God's Word?
  7. Obama's Real Debt and Deficit Legacy

    The only time in half a century that the budget has been balanced was in the late 1990s when Bill Clinton was president and the Republicans ran Congress. It was a good combination.
  8. President Trump Signs Memo to Ban “Bump Stocks”

    President Donald Trump announced he signed a memo directing the Justice Department to craft regulation to “ban all devices” like “bump stocks” that turn semi-automatic firearms into automatic weapons. 
  9. Shot 5 Times Saving 20 Classmates, 15-Year-Old Lauded for Courage Under Fire

    Anthony Borges, a freshman at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, is recovering in a local Florida hospital from 5 gunshot wounds after using his body as a shield to protect 20 students during the attack at the school on Feb. 14, the Daily Mail reported. 
  10. Transgender Care at Children's Hospital 'a Concern' says Judge

    An Ohio judge voices concern that a children's hospital may be too quick to use hormone therapy and other treatment protocols for patients in its transgender program.
  11. Senate Chaplain Barry Black Has This Answer to Joy Behar's Attack & Those Who Dismiss Prayers for Florida

    The power of prayer has been under attack lately, from Joy Behar calling the Vice President mentally ill for talking to God, to those who say prayer is an empty gesture after a school shooting. Here's how Senate Chaplain Barry Black is weighing in on the controversies.
  12. Mueller Files New Charge in Russia Probe for Lawyer Who Dealt with Trump Associate

    The special counsel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election charged an attorney Tuesday with lying to federal investigators about his interactions with a former Trump campaign official.
  13. 'Repentance' or 'Despicable'? Ex-NFL Star Rae Carruth Killed Pregnant Girlfriend, Now Wants Custody of Son

    Former NFL player Rae Carruth has apologized for his role in the shooting death of Cherica Adams in 2001 and the permanent disability suffered by his then-unborn son, Chancellor Adams. He wants to care for his son upon his release from prison.
  14. Shooters Took Psychiatric Drugs: Psychiatrist Says Good Parenting, Not Pills, Prevents School Shootings

    Psychiatrist says connecting with children in a positive way, not medication, is the best way to help troubled kids. 
  15. CBN News Reporter Targeted by Fake News in Made-Up Anti-Trump Story

    CBN's Terry Meeuwsen is exposing some fake news after a media outlet targeted President Donald Trump with a salacious insinuation that included a CBN News reporter.
  16. Why Trump's Endorsement May Boost Romney Among Mormons

    President Donald Trump enjoys a higher approval rating among Mormons than any other faith group in America according to a recent Gallup Poll.
  17. Americans Now Support Trump's Tax Overhaul in 'Dramatic' Shift

    President Donald Trump's $1.5 trillion tax overhaul has gained a great deal of public support in the last few months, according to a new poll released by the New York Times.
  18. 'Don't Let Dems Take Elections From You!' Trump Urges PA GOP to Challenge New District Maps

    President Donald Trump is urging Republicans in Pennsylvania to challenge the new state congressional map released Monday by Pennsylvania's Supreme Court.
  19. This Time Could Be Different: Why the Florida School Shooting Could Bring About New Gun Control

    Lawmakers are looking to find ways to prevent more mass shootings in the wake of last week's high school attack which left 17 dead and many wounded.  That could mean new gun laws.
  20. The Nick Foles, Matthew McConaughey Church Connection Explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live

    You just never know who you're going to see at church nowadays.  At least that's what Super Bowl champion Nick Foles revealed in a recent guest appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live.