Frontline Sermons

Title Speaker Date Series Hits
Just Who Do You Think You Are Anyways? 2019-05-19 General Topics 48
How to Communicate the Power of Love 2019-05-12 General Topics 123
Christ's Light Shines in the Use of Our Time 2019-05-05 General Topics 177
The Preparation for Planting 2019-04-28 The Kingdom of God is Like a Farmer 177
Since He Walked Out of the Grave, You Can Too 2019-04-21 General Topics 206
Will There Be Singing 2019-04-14 General Topics 190
Give Me What You've Got 2019-04-07 General Topics 197
The Purpose of Farming 2019-03-31 The Kingdom of God is Like a Farmer 235
Full Trust, Radical Obedience, Great Provision 2019-03-24 General Topics 350
The Most of the Time, On Time God 2019-03-10 General Topics 366
The Illusory Truth Effect 2019-03-03 What in Heaven is going on 379
The Road Less Traveled 2019-02-24 General Topics 390
Truth Matters 2019-02-17 General Topics 354
A Giant Opportunity 2019-02-10 General Topics 337
Finish the Fight 2019-02-03 General Topics 336
If You Do What You've Always Done, You Will Get What You've Always Got 2019-01-27 General Topics 363
How to Get Your Blessing Back 2019-01-13 General Topics 645
How to Get a New and Improved You 2019-01-06 General Topics 394
What's your issue? 2018-12-30 Revival 387
The who of the what and the why behind the who 2018-12-23 Revival 408